Delta8 Strains that are Indica

Delta 8 stormed onto the market with a vengeance and is now widely available in practically every location. The process of purchasing it is uncomplicated, at least until you see all of the available selections.

Choosing the “wrong” one probably will not be a big concern; nevertheless, if you are expecting something encouraging and wind up crashing instead, it can take the fun out of the night.

What Specifically Is a Delta 8 THC Flower?

There are currently no cannabis strains available that produce more than 1% delta 8 THC by weight. This is because there are no strains that meet this threshold. There are no enzymes in the plant that is responsible for the production of this cannabinoid; hence it is highly unlikely that breeders will generate strains with this characteristic.

This indicates that the plant is incapable of producing its delta-8 THC. When delta 9 THC starts to break down, this cannabinoid is one of the first products to emerge. Most of it is turned into CBN, while only trace amounts are transformed into HHC, delta 7, delta 8, or delta 10 THC.

Therefore, what exactly is meant by the term “delta 8 THC flower”?

To produce delta 8 flower or hemp, the flower is sprayed or coated with delta 8 THC distillate before being dried. As a result of this, the most popular hemp strains, as well as the most popular delta 8 THC flower strains, have a lot in common with one another. The manufacturers start with the strains that are already the most popular on the market and then increase the percentage of delta-8 they contain while also giving them a catchier moniker.

Some businesses go as far as spraying the flower with D8 distillate and then coating it in an additional layer of delta 8 THC kief, which results in the production of what are generally known as delta 8 THC moon rocks.


There is more to the question than just asking “sativa or indica,” as strains can fall into either of these two categories, although the distinctions between the two are less clear-cut than they once were.

Hybrids are a welcome addition to the pot, each with peculiar quirks and requirements. They provide us with a far larger pool of options, for which we are glad; nonetheless, this results in a more challenging decision-making process.

Despite this, understanding if a strain is an indica, sativa, or hybrid gives insights into what effects you can anticipate. Imagine these as children; they come from the same family and share some characteristics but are opposed to one another in how they appear and act.


Cannabis indica is like the short, overweight kid who likes to sit around; it is neither athletic nor excessively ambitious; nice, but satisfied to be quietly sitting alone.

This particular species of cannabis plant is characterized by its compact and bushy growth and leaves that are a dark green color. Generally, it has a greater CBD concentration and a more sedative effect than sativa strains.


  • Bubba OG: Have flavors of sweetness and spice with a hint of citrus undertones. Effects are social and laidback.
  • Blueberry: A robust blueberry flavor with a smoky undertone, effects are soothing, calming, and relaxing
  • Royal Kush: Warm and woodsy in flavor, effects are happiness that lasts for a long time, contentment, and relaxation
  • Northern Lights: Citrus with a little offensive odor and a trace of spice. Numbing, heavy-handed, and immobilizing effects
  • Granddaddy Purp: Strong grape, strong euphoria across the entire body, sedative effects, and inability to move
  • Bubba Kush: An aroma of pine may be detected, along with a velvety and earthy texture. Joyous, intense, and providing solace are its effects.


It is possible to use delta 8 THC in the same way that one would use cannabis. It can be inhaled through smoking or vaping and is available in tinctures and edibles. You can consume it in any way you like.

There is not a high concentration of delta 8 THC in hemp or cannabis flower, and the amounts there are insufficient to produce any noticeable effects. Instead, it is derived from hemp through a unique procedure known as isomerization, a specialized extraction method.

After that, the delta 8 is utilized by manufacturers in the production of tinctures, edibles, vape carts, or flowers.

IS HIGH-THC Delta 8 Flower Legal to Consume in the United States?

As a result of the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018, Delta 8, which is derived from hemp, is now authorized for sale across the US. As long as the total THC content of the hemp and hemp products is less than 0.3%, they can be legally sold.

However, it has been prohibited in certain states; therefore, you should research the legislation in your area before you purchase anything.


You have a good idea of the strains you want to test out; thus, what should you do next? There is most likely a local store, and that store might have what you are looking for; but even if it does, many sellers still need to provide test results for delta 8, so unfortunately, it will not help you.

You can only get a potent delta 8 that is not loaded with chemicals or other “extras” if you get it from a merchant that has its products third-party tested. This is the only way to guarantee you will get everything beneficial.

Some local shops do test, but it is an expensive process that adds to these stores’ already high expenses, and it is only doable if the shop manufactures the delta 8 itself. The vast majority function as middlemen and source their products directly from manufacturers (many of the same ones you have access to online).

If you want to get your hands on the greatest delta 8 THC without spending an arm and a leg, your best bet is to shop for it online from merchants who offer testing that can be independently verified. This is the most efficient and cost-effective method for verifying test results, vendor credentials, and customer feedback while saving money.


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