Like any quality strain, Hawaiian Haze is like a time capsule. Taking you back to a moment in time, reinvigorating all five senses, and bringing back some great memories.

Like relaxing on a beach with a Mai Tai in your hand and your feet in the sand as the sun slowly sets over the Pacific. The tropical smells of pineapple and mangoes flood your olfactory as you take your first sips. Easterly trade winds usher in a warm breeze while you find yourself surrounded by good company as conversations stretch long into the night.

Upon opening up a bag of Hawaiian Haze hemp flower, you are immediately greeted with pungent smells of tropical fruit like mangoes and pineapples, reminiscent of a Mai Tai beverage. Giving the bud a little squeeze releases even more aromas as terpenes fill the air. Microscopic molecules of a myrcene and alpha-pinene, the same terpenes found in mangoes and pineapples, begin to tickle your senses.

Visually, the bud has a decent structure with thin light green leaves and pops of oranges from its hair-like pistils. It feels the same way as it looks, light and fluffy. But don’t be fooled by its delicate appearance, this flower packs a punch in the flavor and aroma department.

Separating the bud down into smaller pieces reveals additional layers of nuances not initially noticed. Subtle notes of pine and citrus continue to linger in the background. Its light and airy bud structure makes it quick and easy to break down.

As you light up the joint, those tropical notes once again become the dominant flavors on your palette. With each additional toke your body begins to loosen up and your mood starts to lighten. You begin to question, “am I high?” With every additional toke you discover new flavor undertones like wildflowers and pepper.

You find yourself to be in a better mood without the debilitating, couch-locking high that you’re used to with high-THC Cannabis. An energizing strain, Hawaiian Haze will motivate you to get up and be more productive than you’ve ever been. Menial tasks like washing dishes and doing laundry become a lot less mundane.

In essence, Hawaiian Haze might just be the perfect wake and bake strain. Its uplifting and energizing qualities make it an exceptional morning strain. It will help calm your anxieties from the day ahead and motivate you to seize the day with confidence.