What is HHC?

What is HHC? HHC is a cannabinoid found in the Hemp plant, similar to THC and CBD. It comes in the form of edibles, vape cartridges, smokeable flower products, and more. Currently it is also federally legal*, whereas THC is not. Does HHC get you “high”? HHC is psychoactive so yes, it will make you feel a bit high. However, users of HHC often describe the sensation as more relaxed than a normal high, with more pain relief and pleasant cerebral effects. You may also experience altered auditory and visual perception and feelings of euphoria. Many consumers have described HHC as being the “love child” of Delta-8 and regular THC. How long do the effects last? The longevity of effects from all cannabis products can differ depending on many factors, including the amount that you consume, strain, tolerance, etc. Generally, when vaped or smoked the effects of HHC take around 10 minutes to kick in and last up to 3-4 hours. Like THC edibles, HHC edibles take a bit longer to take effect (around 30-45 minutes) and the effects generally last around 4-6 hours. How is it different than regular weed? Though there are many similarities between HHC and THC, the main difference is that HHC products are roughly about 70-80% as strong as those derived from THC. HHC also has a much longer shelf life, with a higher resistance to heat exposure and UV rays, thus providing a cannabis product that stays consistently potent no matter how it is stored. Potential benefits and side effects of HHC Aside from recreational benefits, potential health benefits of HHC may include reducing inflammation, managing chronic pain, alleviating nausea, and relieving anxiety. Side effects may include anxiety, paranoia, increased heart rate, increased appetite, red eyes, dry mouth, and nausea, although HHC is believed to have a similar safety profile to THC and there have not been any reports of it causing adverse effects or overdose. Is HHC legal? *HHC products are technically federally legal in the United States, but it still depends on state laws and the situation at hand. As always, check with your local/state legislation to determine whether or not consumption of HHC is a legal option for you. Will HHC show up on a drug test? YES, HHC will more likely than not show up on a drug test. Because of its strong similarities to THC, once in the body HHC can metabolize into many of the same compounds that they check for when testing a blood, urine, or saliva sample for THC. Thus it is strongly advised to avoid HHC if you are trying to pass a drug test in the near future.


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